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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Issue: Games: Flip Tricks

A short time ago I came to John with a plan. The initial design sketches were written on a napkin, then on paper, and some may have still been in my head. I handed the crumpled papers to him and said, this is a basic idea of what it's about. He wasn't surprised by any of this, as he has known me for a while. He actually looked relieved that I managed to find paper in enough time to write things on it.

He shot me an e-mail a little later that said, "I like this one, I think I know a guy." I wasn't surprised by this, because I have known John for long time, and he is the type that always knows a guy. Have a leaky pipe, he knows a guy, want to smuggle a black market liver out of the country? You good. Need to know the RBI % of all game three's in all series' of ever? He's the guy. So I replied to him, "Well lets meet the guy."

You may have noticed Creanium's handle in the blogroll of this site and wondered what that's all about. Well Creanium is the developer and architect of Default Tester. He doesn't talk much, but holy hell can he code, not that I have to say it though, you will see soon enough. Dude is an old school head down dev, a gangster, and a gentleman. Anyone that has spent time in the game industry has a pretty good idea on the particularities of QA/Dev relationships, but my time working with creanium has knocked me on my ass.

A few highlights, that time I sent him a half baked hot pocket that he engied into a four course meal with desert, that time I got all bee in the bonnett to get our server off of go daddy, only to find out he was already migrating it. His reasoning, "It's the right thing to do." Oh yeah and not to mention that time that he built a video game defect tracking database from scratch mostly because he felt something like this needed to exist.

And I say all that to say this. Don't be coming to me asking about implementing site mods, that's on Creanium, and if you do decide to take that risk please be smart about it, avert your eyes, speak quickly, using logic, and do not eva eva eva interupt a dev while they have headphones on. Trust me on this.

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