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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Issue: Games: Communities

Hey so what happened to Trey? Heard some neighbor dropped him while he was walking to his fams house at that gated community a couple days ago. They say some neighborhood watch type dude saw him out there in the night and thought he looked sketchy, so he followed him in his car. They say Trey dipped, but ended up losing a step.

They say it was self defense, the reason they dropped him, but I dunno...  I mean the kid was walking around in a gated community at night. Family in there or no, who just walks somewhere in the middle of this night these days, everybody has a car. I been crawling but haven't been able to find out anything conclusive.

Anyway, looks like Lego game dude and the disaster team got shit sorted out. One less thing I guess. It's crazy though. So the adult neighborhood watch guy followed Trey in his car, at night, and Trey was the suspicious one? Man, I dunno about all that.

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