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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Issue: People: Slanguage

Code switching is a type of communication tactic where the person doing the talking will use every language trope they picked up over the years to successfully get something across to the desired target.

It's gotten more popular recently due to the growing number of bilingual and multilingual communities that have been popping up. Sometimes the code switching is as easy as adding a couple adjectives or hand gestures to your rap, other times it's a mess because the receiving party can't understand the language you communicate with in its entirety, so you have to get creative.

A lot of people say Californians have accents, which we don't. I know this because I listen to Californians talk all the time, and I don't hear it, therefore it seems to reason that everyone else talks in funny accents and we are the control group. See, Californians "Talk like this," right? And everybody else talks like this, "Ey WaWAA WoWOaA pork craclkinz'!" 

I just wanted to know where the pork cracklinz were, I didn't need all of that. Also people say that video game people talk in some mysterious acronym laden Rosetta Stone code type cipher and that may be true, but once again i dunno bout all that bootsie ish feel me fam?

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