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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Issue: People: Presentation

A short time ago I got in trouble for writing about my lady. The thing is, she is a very laid back person and I am none of the sort. She likes to quietly go about her business, taking chances when she must, doing good when she can, and like I said previously, I like to shoot from the hip. But this writing will be ok, because this post is not about her, it's about how I cannot ever purchase anything she likes.

Be it games, food, or clothing (I've been banned from buying her any clothes, I guess I am worst at that), I couldn't find the algorithm for her likes and wants, so I gave up trying. Now I just present stuff to her, as in I will place things I think she will like in her general area and act as if I did not get them for her, then I will sit back and watch what she does with them.

A lot of the stuff I do in video game work that I think is a big deal, she couldn't care less about, as in I will say "Hey babe this and this happened today! It's a big deal!" And in response she will shrug, and say, "Ok, but did you clean out the litter box?" And then I will hang my head down and go clean out the litter box.

It feels like back in the day when I would pop a fuckin' sick wheelie on my bike or make an awesome elbow macaroni picture and then I would yell "Mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom, look!" And my mom would say something like, "Oh that's nice, but what are you doing outside, did you clean your room?"

It's as if girls know that all this crazy shit we guys do has always been just to impress them, but all they care about is if we are happy and safe and doing what we are supposed to be doing in the moment, because that's all that really matters at the end of the day. Yeah, I'm probably getting in trouble for this post, sorry bebe.

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