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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Issue: People: Curt Schilling

According to John, Curt Schilling is a pitcher that laid waste to major league baseball. When we met to talk about work a few days ago I mentioned the guys name and he spent a while catching me up to speed. He said the guy had pitches that had people falling out of the box, which means grown men jumped away from them, because they were scared.

John said he had he won all types of Super Series' and stuff on a bunch of different teams, and he also said that Curt Shilling was a big nerd, which sucked because I was hoping not to involve myself with whatever he was trying to tell me at that moment.

The thing is John and I have always had a mutual respect for each others obsessions, him with sports and me with games, and they even overlap to some extent as he plays games and I played sports, but when it comes to talking about the stuff, ugh, I like playing sports, hate talking about them, because to me sports has become the new religion and fans of them the new zealots.

Much like I mute my headset online I mute my mouth in RL when sports come up, especially living where I live now, in the belly of the beast of my "hometown" teams rivals. I just got tired of having to explain to people that while I like the teams I like, they are not paying me to like them enough to get shot defending them, or paying me at all for that matter, so I just keep my opinions to myself unless speaking to folks I know won't go nuts over the issue.

But here John was spinning this yarn to me about how this professional baseball player is such a legit video game head he started his own game company. I scoffed, hard, and said, "Psh rich guy starts company, great headline." He told me this story about how one time Curt Schilling played and liked one of those baseball stat games that are like any other stat game but with baseball in them so much he contacted the company that made it and pimped their product on the strength.

I hurrumphed, harder, and said "Whatever, he probably just got bored of jet skiing in his platinum hummer boat." I don't even know what that means, I was just mad. So mad that I excused myself to go home and do some research on this, "company," he owned and this, "game," he made. I took a look at the team he assembled to make the game and downloaded the demo off steam five minutes later, played through the demo and loved it, plan on buying the game the second I get some cash to do so.

But whatever, it's not like "Curt Schilling" made the game, he just assembled a team of video game gods with specific skill sets like some kind of baseball manager and guided the project to existence, it ain't like he really did anything, you know? Psh, what the fuck ever.

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