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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Issue: Games: Mel Brooks Troopers

Iron Sky is a science fiction movie. So far I have only seen the trailer but from what I can gather it's about this group of Nazi's living on the part of the moon popularized by Pink Floyd that decide to invade earth, and its up to Sarah Palin and Action Jackson to stop them from doing it.

The trailer really has me on the fence about the movie, I am not sure if it is showing me too much, but I already feel like it was telling me too much. It seems like the movie is trying to show a joke and tell a joke at the same time, as in I am getting Starship Troopers from the visuals and a Uwe Boll movie from the dialogue. I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

But I love the idea, if only because it supports a great idea started up by a funny dude a long time ago. Mel Brooks wanted everyone to make fun of and laugh at Nazi's as much as possible, and as a kid I didn't quite understand why, because at the time I was terrified of Nazi's and never wanted to see them anywhere doing anything, they scared the shit out of me.

But now I have a better idea on why he wanted that to happen, because the more and more I saw them in dresses, singing show-tunes, and acting a fool, my view of them changed to just flesh and blood silly people that fucked shit up for everybody a long time ago, the veil had been lifted.

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