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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Issue: Games : Chasers

Civilization is a turn based strategy game. The gist is to build a civilization from the first couple of dudes that show up to whatever we are now, then whatever we may become later. The world building works on a macro scale, as in your job thought the whole thing will be to place units in areas where there is stuff for them to do.

Place a building here, if the people anoint, cool, if they burn it down, take those resource allocation skills back to the lab. Place a farmer there, if he plants something, good on ya, if not, it's gonna be a long winter. Stuff like that.

It's debatable if there is any point to the game, but if frontrunners are to be named the games stated goals of military conquest, the ability for interstellar travel, or achieving the highest score before the time limit is reached, are as good as any. It's like that show supermarket sweep, where the point is kind of implied.

The name of the show is supermarket sweep, it takes place in a supermarket, somebody blows an air horn, and everybody starts running toward stuff. Not exactly rocket science, what else could you possibly do?

I generally play Civilization and games of its species as a chaser. I do this because they are always changing, and they are easy to play while only half playing them.  I can get away listening to music with FPS's and the lot, but for the most part they are high maintenance endeavors. There are always infantry, snipers, and spies to think about, group communication, retrieving the objective, shit gets crazy.

But with Civilization I can watch a flick or run a test plan on one screen while thinking of what to do next on the other. I could start a build in the morning with a couple of bipeds in loincloths sleeping by the beach, and by the afternoon I have a full pass complete to my left and thriving metropolis to my right. Eazy money. Well I still have trouble laying train tracks, they end up looking like some M.C. Escher shit.

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