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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Issue : People : Grinding

Everybody hollerin' bout how much humanity fucks up, kill off a species here, salt the earth for a generation there, but nobody ever acknowledges when we do something right, or has never been done before. And the chat is never about all the responsibility heaped on us that we never really asked for in the first place.

The other species got it eazy, dogs get to run around just being dogs and shit, cats sleep all day and party all night, and the cat that got the biggest over the years gets crowned the king of the other animals when all they do is chase down a couple animals that cant fight back, then sleep all day and party all night. Humanity is out here grinding everyday, we are even chill enough to take other species in and set them up for life.

They have claws and teeth and hunting instincts, but oh no don't go out and sing for your supper mr. king st. Bernard, let me get off what I'm handling over here and hook you up some vittles cause you can't be eazy about it and wait a couple minutes till the round is over. Nah, that's all on us, we do all the heavy lifting for this planet, thinking, nurturing, inventing, protecting, and all anybody has to say on the subject is about a rain forest that don't exist anymore. That's like a bald spot on the planet's head, it'll live.

Man its scary out here. They don't know what it's like to wake up every day knowing you are on a ball spinning through space, and that everything else you come into contact with will die somehow someday, and that is just how it is, or that there is stuff in the earth that will just start fucking shaking for no reason and if it happens you gotta run and get under something, but something else could fall on that and crush you both, so you are pretty screwed no matter what you do. I saw this one video where a dog figured out this was gonna happen and just took off, what a dick move.

I wish everybody would stop trippin, we got this. I would love to meet a person that wouldn't like to take a break from steering this planet to just sleep all day and hunt all night. If a lemur all the sudden wants to grab the keys and drive I'm all about it personally. Actually I would love to have the competition to keep us honest and on our toes. 

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