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Monday, January 9, 2012

Issue : People : Gaffling Whips

A medium time ago I decided to buy a car. I was an e-nothing in the military at the time, which means i was broke, but I didn't care as the first thing I promised myself I would get when I could afford it was a car. My chief thought I was silly for wanting one, he couldn't imagine when I would use it, as we were always gone, and told me that it would just sit there in base stowage as a rock with the potential for motion, with me giving up the lions share of my check just to pay for the privilege, which winded up happening. But I didn't care, I just wanted a car.

When I saved enough to get one I rode the bus up to National City. I walked up and down the street for hours, waiting for a car to jump out at me. The guys that worked the mile of cars were saying things in the same way the guys that stand outside the mile of clubs do, "Hey come over here great deals!"

I was walking back to the bus when I saw this civic sitting out front in a lot facing the street. The guy saw me staring at it and struck up a conversation, he said, "You like cars, I can tell. This one is pre-lowered, springs not cut, low miles, stick, and easily modifiable." I barely knew how to drive stick. I said, "I'll take it, but I barely know how to drive stick." He said," lets take a test drive, I'll show you." So we spent the rest of the day stopping and starting in a vacant lot across the street, and afterwards I signed some papers and had a new car.

The car is gone now, I woke up this morning and some asshole ran off with it. Ten years of  listening to people tell me how bad a purchase it was, ten years of payments, waiting for money to fix it up, then watching it fall back into a state of disrepair and starting over, then getting a pink slip in the mail and feeling like I finally earned something the hard way, gone. Eh, shit happens.

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