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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Issue : People : Afterwards

Libya is a country in northern AfricaSudan is to the south, Egypt to the east, Tunisia to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Libya's flag has three solid colors running horizontally across its length, red on top, black in the middle, green on bottom. A white crescent moon and star sit center in the black bar. Its capitol is named Tripoli, the locals pet name for the city is, "The Mermaid of the Mediterranean."

Libya recently fired the boss of its country. They fired him by dragging him through the street, pulling out his hair, calling him all types of bitches and whatnot, then shooting him in the gut. Which seems fair, as that dude did a lot more than all of that to anyone he disagreed with. I guess him getting his come-uppings can be argued into the realm of post fight stunting, not unlike when the winner of a fight donkey stomps the loser before making eye contact with the audience yelling "AND WHAT?"

A couple crews that helped to give Mummer his pink slip got into it recently over the detainment of a member of one of the groups. No word on how many people died over it. Somebody heard one of they mans got pinched, posse'd up, and started popping off shots over by the ministry building with the guns they had leftover from the last scrap, trying to get as many miles out of them as possible as bullets are expensive.

The funny thing about putting a gun in someones hand is that the gun never really leaves, as in, it is and always will be an option. People that have never shot one, or successfully defended something with one, have no frame of reference for this.

Virtual cap busting makes it easier to pull the trigger when the time comes, like practice, but once someone sees success with that tool in RL then its in play and calling the shots. The winner of the conflict has to decide if the consequences of using that tool was worth what that tool made go away, because that is all it is good for in real life, making things go away. Not the guns fault though, as it was designed to do just that, what happens after its job is done is always somebody else's problem.

Most video games don't have proper endings these days, and that sucks. Its as if the designers focus so much on the functionality and level design that they forget the game was going to have to come to a conclusion sooner or later, doesn't seem to matter if the ending is happy, sad, or neutral, as long as something happens. A few of the games that do this seem to intentionally omit an ending just to set up a sequel, leaving a few loose ends so the action may continue indefinitely.

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