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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Issue : Games : Monkey Virus

A long time ago my mom gave me all the shit because she thought I was downloading a monkey virus. I had started to poke around the computer she bought, installing this and that, learning as I went along. She would log on after I had been in there to find all type of crazy icons with crazier names on her desktop, and pop ups telling her that space is low.

I continued to learn as I went along and now realize I was probably downloading a monkey virus, as I knew less about what I was doing then as I do now, which isn't much. I kind of resented code back then, as it was the vegetables in the way of enjoying my meal. And scary, because I had an adversarial relationship with math. I understood it, and got how important it is to everything, but still thought of it as something to deal with only when absolutely necessary.

I felt it was always telling everybody what to do, you know, laws of gravity, if this gets put with that then it will always be this. That sort of stuff. At the time I liked to shoot from the hip, as in something could be anything, and this could be that and that could be this, and its all good as long as this and that weren't hurting anybody, and all the better if they complimented each other.

But I learned the hard way that math don't fuck around, as math's response to my philosophy was that this and that could whatever ever as long as they stay in yard and play safe, but not to worry, as math lets you know the second you leave the yard. Long story short, I bricked the first computer I ever touched, some boot sector virus, I still have no idea how she knew that was going to happen.

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