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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Issue : People : Putin On The Ritz

Russia, or, the Russian Federation, is a country in northern Eurasia. Russia shares borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea. Its flag is made up of three solid bars. White, blue and red.

Russia recently had a parliamentary election that didn't go very well. The United Russia party, led by Vladimir Putin, received nearly 50% of the vote in the election. The people that voted got it in their mind that the elections were rigged.

And in what is becoming a common occurrence these days, the people have taken to the streets.  Although  no one thought that Russia would do anything about vote rigging if they found out, because everyone, not just Russians, are scared of Vladimir Putin. But now they want Vladimir Putin gone, they are tired of his shit.

So they are out there in the streets with the signs that say "Putin must go!" They are placing themselves in front of doorways only to have storm troopers via sci-fi channel yank them away or pepper spray them in the face while they stare defiantly into the nozzle. I don't want to sound so bummed about the whole thing, as this is the first modern superpower, diminished for sure, but still, to have their top dog caught red handed and get called for dismissal.

It just feels like the movement is popping off in an easy mode way. Vote rigging? Really? Have they not been watching the regimes falling like dominoes all around them? Why would you do that, and get caught? Wasn't Putin in the KGB?

The only benefit of the doubt I can see is that it is Russia. They have been bullying their citizens so long perhaps they started to believe that it can't and won't happen to them. They were above it. Not a smart line of thinking to fall into.

And plus this whole civil rights movement that has gripped our country's national consciousness is a repeat. Black people are now Arabs, Vietnam is now the middle east, homosexuals are now immigrants (unless they want to join the military or get married, then they are homosexuals again), hippies are now hipsters (were we even trying with this one?), communists are now socialists, and Government is still Government, but now corporations are also government.

We could have got it all done in the last cycle, seeing as how every thirty years the same types pop up. Beatnicks--> Mods--> Hippies--> Hipsters -->Goth--> New Wave--> Baggy jeans---> Skinny jeans etc..

The whole thing is sad, sad that we are still talking and fighting to give the same basic rights and fairness to every human being, only one group at a time, and after a lot of bloodshed. Oh well, at least it gives this generation something to do that doesn't involve 1/3 getting slaughtered on the battlefield, well, yet.

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