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Friday, December 23, 2011

Issue : People : Love

Love is a science fiction movie. In it a dude gets picked to live in a space station orbiting earth. He gets by alright up there for a while with a computer that allows him to keep in contact with his people. But then it goes away.

He passes the time by working out, studying, and listening to messages he had saved before he lost comms. But as time passes, he starts to get lonely. He stops shaving, starts talking to himself, obsessing over all the bad stuff he had seen, and all the other stuff that happens when someone loses contact with other people.

He spends most days staring out the porthole at earth, wondering what the hell is going on. One day he sees an explosion on a landmass, then another, then another. The chain reaction went really fast, like B-R-A-A-A-A-P! And then nothing again. A little while later comms are restored for a bit, with only enough time for his buddy from Houston to tell him that things down on earth got fubar, and he has to figure out a way to get by until they can come pick him up.

A long time passes and he is just done, he starts to accept that everyone down there is gone, and he is the only human being left. The only thing keeping him going is that he doesn't know for sure, his lady could still be down there, his friends, his family. So one day he just says fuck it, he is going home.

He puts on his space suit and goes outside, intending to float into the Earths atmosphere. His plan is popping off, when all of the sudden a group of non humans discover him out there alone. Love ends with him learning they set up a satellite of their own that orbits earth, explaining the brief life of a race of people that lived there once.

Oh, and here are some game industry jobs for old lang zine.

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