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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Issue: People: Weird Girls

This one girl writes adventure stories that you can help finish inside video games. She comes from a place that smells like patchouli all the time, and everybody there is into weird shit but nobody there thinks its weird because after a while of being around weird it becomes normal.

She is weird because she thinks stories are important in video games, whereas most people don't really worry about it. She is also weird because she is a girl that makes games, whereas most girls only play them or talk about them. But she doesn't really make a big deal about being a girl, most people that play her stories don't even know she is a girl.

She spent most of her school years learning about literature and film, but decided that she would have more fun making her stories inside of games instead of books or movies. So one day she took a crappy job at the bottom of the game making industry, and just hung around doing whatever needed to be done until a long time later somebody important quit. They asked anybody brave enough to step up and do his job as well as he did.

None of the guys wanted anything to do with it, it looked too hard. But she said, "Fuck it, I'll give it a shot." There weren't many girls in the business at all at this time and the guys were worried, they saw she was brave enough but thought as a girl she would end up making stuff about petticoats and dandelions, and not the aliens and big guns, stuff that guys like, because only guys played games.

But when the stories she told were finished they ended up being about about brave guys that shoot guns, and cool girls that also shoot guns, and vampires and explosions and jumping and whatnot, and when the guys saw what a story game could look like if a person really cared enough to work on it, they said, "Holy crap, that's peanut butter and jelly."

She just shrugged and said, eh, that's old news. After that they never really bothered her about being a girl, they just treated her like anybody else that makes the thing they like better. And she moved on to the next one, and the next, then kept doing that until she became the boss.

I'm from the same area she is from, I don't think she is that weird, matter of fact I think she is pretty awesome.

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