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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Issue: People: Fantasy Football

Issue Summary:
Fantasy is a genre of fiction that uses magic or supernatural stuff to establish setting and theme or to advance plot. Fantasy establishes itself as a separate genre from Science Fiction and Horror by attempting to steer clear of scientific (genetic enhancement, math) or horror (ultra violence, death, mayhem) themes, although all three are sub-genres of speculative fiction.

American football is a sport played between two teams of eleven. To win the teams must progress a ball into the opposing teams end zone. The ball can be advanced by running with it, or throwing it to a teammate. Points are scored by carrying the ball over the opponents goal line, catching a pass thrown over the goal line, kicking the ball past the goal line and through large metal uprights, or tackling an opposing ball carrier in the opponents end zone.

Fantasy football is an interactive virtual competition created on a trip to New York City in 1962 by Oakland area businessman and limited partner in the Oakland Raiders Wilfred Winkencach, Raiders public relations manager Bill Tunnel, and reporter Scotty Stirling. The competition allows people to pit professional football players against one another, with the people acting as general managers of a pseudo-football team composed of the assets they select for competition.

Steps to reproduce:
American football is a jambalaya of many other sports, but most agree it can be traced back to early versions of rugby played in the United Kingdom around the early- mid 19th century, where for fun they played a game in which a ball is kicked at a goal or run over a line.

American football diverged from rugby football due to rule changes instituted by Walter Camp, who is considered the "Father of American Football." Among these changes were the introduction of the line of scrimmage and down-and-distance rules.

Professional American football started in 1892 when a guy nicknamed "Pudge" was paid $500 to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. It grew as a sport of blue collar Midwestern industrial towns, but eventually became a national phenomenon.

Today the sport has arguably dethroned Baseball as Americas favorite pastime. There are few industries in sports or otherwise that generate more income, and the sport has become a major revenue producing lifeline for American business and educational institutions.

Expected Result:
The 2011 NFL Season was put in risk of being canceled due to a labor dispute between league owners and players. The owners threatened a lockout, which is a work stoppage caused when an employer prevents employees from working. The lockout would have resulted in an estimated 115,000 jobs affected, and 160 million lost in each NFL City.

The owners cited financial loss as the cause, and were vocal in their desire to reduce the share of league revenue set aside for player salaries by roughly 18 percent, but also would like to increase the amount of games, as that would bump up the $4 billion in television revenue the NFL receives, which would help to get American football back on its feet as a profitable endeavor for all involved in the game.

QA Observations:
QA believes that the managerial process of football has endangered players and fans of the sport unnecessarily. Today, children with talent and aspirations to play in the NFL are indoctrinated in the sport from the time the can walk. They begin in Pee Wee leagues, advance to high school, then college, then the professional league, sometimes skipping most High School and all of College to do so.

The skill they carry makes it easy for them to progress to the professional level, as people they surround themselves with want the same goal for them and allow them greater autonomy in their personal and educational advancement in order to lighten the load of their journey.

QA believes that this process does not benefit the player of American football, because if the player completes their ultimate goal they may find the strength and aggression they were admired for on the field is met differently outside a theater of combat. And in adjusting to this new reality they may discover that they have no other interest or skills besides playing American football.

And while it is each persons personal responsibility to develop as a robust individual, the current American football program gives overwhelming incentive to focus on football only. Whereas in days past combatants that played sports focusing on aggression and strength were given the responsibility of protecting those around them through military service, with glory and wealth being the reward for outstanding personal achievement in the area.

QA suggests that any person with aspirations to play in the NFL choose between a four year enlistment in the military branch of their choice, or attend a 2-4 year university without participating in a school sports program, with the option of playing American Football through amateur leagues if they choose to do so. QA believes that this inclusion to the process would allow players a reprieve at a critical time in their development as a person.

Through military service they may develop a sense of civic duty, and perspective as both an individual and citizen of this country. And if they survive this service they could return to the league tougher for the experience.

And during a 2-4 year College education without sports as a distraction they may develop additional interests and personal pursuits outside of football that they may carry with them through their time in the league and after their career has ended.

QA also suggests a modification to the football managerial process be instituted where league managers that are physically able play an actual game of American football at the end of every regulation NFL week. The managerial participants aggregate their real life end game team totals with their chosen professional player team totals (e.x. RL manager team total 12 + NFL team total 120) to create a top score and decide a winner.

QA believes that this small addition to the external process of football would give people not on the field a better perspective on what the players in the game go through on any given Sunday, and make them more appreciative of what they do to entertain a nation.

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