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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Issue: Games: Legends of the Fall

The leaves are changing and it's cooling off outside or so I hear (not that it matters with all the fall titles dropping soon).  But it always heats up around this time in the game industry as companies begin their crunchtime rush to get that Bratz title out the door. Which means the OT dinner bell is ringing, although the pickings are not as meaty as in old lang zine days. But hey you never know till ya iron that one wrinkled ass suit you own, and queue up in the cattle call.

Quality Assurance:
Wired Talent
Nelson Staffing

Other stuff:
THQ Carlsbad, California
Gameplay Programmer 
Animation Programmer 
Principal Technical Artist

Gearbox Software Plano, Texas
Senior Animator

Wizards of the Coast, LLC, Renton, Washington
Database Architect
Senior Business Manager

2K Marin, Novato, California
Storyboard Artist
Lead Character Modeler - 2K Marin
Level Builder

SuperBot Entertainment, Culver City, California
Senior UI Artist/Designer
Senior Combat Designer
Senior Visual Effects Artist

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