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Friday, August 19, 2011

People: A solar tree grows in Long island

thirteen year old kid discovered a more efficient way to collect solar energy.  He used the Fibonacci sequence to build a tree with leaves that mimic photosynthesis. The article said he thought it up while walking around the Catskill mountains. It turns out that sunlight likes the version he made better than the solar panels we have now. People are throwing awards and praise on the kid as if he invented trees.

At Evo this year some eight year old kid made a bunch of older video game dudes look silly. Evo is the biggest tournament in the fighting game universe. Grown men that enjoy playing video games train hard for it.

The eight year old kid didn't train like they did though. He probably couldn't explain advanced guards or crossover counters, he just played the same game everyday with his friends. His parents noticed that he was really good so they entered him into the tournament. He ranked in the top forty eight this year in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Kids are dumb because they have no concept of what they can't do yet. They find something they are interested in and pursue it like a meth addict until they get bored. Adults are smart enough to understand that some things are just never going to happen.

If adults want something to happen we have to do a lot of work which takes forever. We have to find out if someone has already done it.We have to find out if it makes money. We have to see if a lot of people are doing it so we know its ok to do also. It's a lot of work, so we usually focus on things we think are going to pan out.

Kids don't, they just barrel into anything they fancy all willy-nilly. Knowledge and skills people born in nineteen sixty accumulate through experience are old news to the average twelve year old. Old people shouldn't even bother explaining things to children anymore. The internet has them covered.

Ubisoft  added DRM to their title "From Dust." This made a lot of people that bought the game mad because Ubisoft didn't tell them they were going to do it. They want to be able to play the game they bought without being on the internet, but Ubisoft wants everybody that plays the game to pay for the game, not just them.

After reading a lot of articles about the DRM scandal I still have no idea what "From Dust" is. I don't know what type of game it is or what I am supposed to do with it. I hope Ubisoft and the public figure out what they want from each other, then do that thing they agree on, so I can learn more about the game.

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