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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Games: Metal Gear

So there is this brother and sister team that have been putting out movies about video games on the internet for a while now.The brother is tall and skinny, his small frame producing a brick bearing slouch at all times. He wears slim rim glasses and his hair always looks abandoned even though its pretty short.

He sounds like a frustrated lover when trying to explain what a game is trying to say and why it is important that it tried. The main recipient the monologues is his sister, Who doesn't care if they have something to say or not, she only plays them for fun.

His sister has brunette hair that is sometimes long and other times short. Her face carries the look of a person that's constantly waiting to be surprised but rarely gets surprised. When she gets bored debating video games with him she passes the time by saying things she knows will make him mad, and if that fails she will either hunt him like wild game or attempt to kill him outright using the weapons and wearing the outfit of a character in the video game she fancies at the moment. This pisses her brother off because he wants her to take video games seriously.

The show takes place in their living room usually, sometimes in their bedrooms or their backyard. Most episodes begin with the sister sitting on this ratty looking recliner, staring absently at a point a little up and to the left of the camera, intently pressing buttons on a controller. Her brother walks in and asks what she is playing, and she tells him the name in a kiddy voice.

You barely ever see any video games during the show. Its mostly them talking about video games or acting out a scene cousin to the game the sister said she was playing. Its as if they would rather not force people to sit there and watch other people play a game that they could just as easily play themselves, and would rather spend time talking about something that they found interesting about the game .

The show might not even be about video games per se, maybe more so the show could be about the lives of people that have been playing games so long that the act of interacting with a platform is just an afterthought, in the way a lawyer with a new case spends months preparing briefs, interviewing witnesses, and discussing it in bars with colleagues knowing full well the actual trial may only take a couple of hours and wont be as interesting as they hoped it would be.

Sometimes the petty squabbles, setbacks, and pressures of a life dedicated to a polarizing single purpose  makes the lawyer laugh, or dealing with people that like the law for what it is and don't worry about its potential to be more makes him so pissed he puts a hole in a wall of his fancy office,but after all is said and done he celebrates everything about the life he chose and wants everybody to find something good in it even though he knows it might take a long time or never happen at all.

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