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Monday, July 24, 2017

Issue : Games : Erudition

Lone Echo is a game about code-switching.

As a local to the land of water and sand and kitesurfing and lightning bolts I know I'm supposed to hate Comic-Con, and I do.

I hate the people in the Airbnb next door blasting industrial techno, engaged in literal cyber goth dance battles at 3 am and I just have to deal with that because my neighborhood slipped into the hipster singularity long ago and if I go over there and beat them to death I am no longer hip so this is my life now.

I hate business owners that pander to the demo, dusting off an N64 and plugging Mario cart and calling it "Gamer Night." It's about comic books... right? I dunno, doesn't matter, it's about all that stuff. I hate that people from varied walks of life decided to shed stress and inhibitions to celebrate common interests.

I hate the sun and the moon and the dreams of children. Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah! What I hate most about Comic-con is gaming industry people coming into town and asking for an "off menu" tour of my city. So I take them and their flannel shirts to the Whistle Stops and the Soda Bars and the Coin-Ops, and they swoon and gasp at the "culture" and how different I am when I'm not at work.

I sit there, smile and drink the overpriced drink they bought that tastes like diabetes (Thank you! craft beer just has so many carbs! I know right!?) but inside I think, "I literally made up an entire persona just to survive in your world. It's called "Culture Fit." And it's exhausting."

I guess I don't really hate comic con, I regret who I feel I need to change into just to survive in the industry I love. I might hate tourists though, yeah, I'm ok with that.

I hope information gets its shit together. Yeah, I stole your line :) And yes the Kickstarter is a shitshow but that is the fun part. Fall publicly and spectacularly, then get back up, earn every scar, keep staring the beast in the eye, campaigns not sprints. All things we do every day. Also JOBS.

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