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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Issue : Games : Girdle

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a game about Gang Warfare.

The number one question asked about the QA experience seems to be, "Do you have any weird stories about your time testing?" That question is hard to answer because every day in the QA bay is the weirdest day.

Put thirty unwashed, young, and obsessive-compulsive nerds from all walks of life in the same room and you have added the vital ingredients for perpetual fuckery. No particular moment stands out, but I do remember student field trip days to be the usual fuckery nexus.

It was an unspoken rule to treat student visits like scared straight sessions. This was from the top down, the QA officers would let the management team know when operations had scheduled one. Bullpen sessions would buzz around the building, the plan was to treat the trip like a wax museum of horror. every game title would create graphic scenes the kids would walk into.

A few usual suspects were fistfights, childbirths (with ketchup), impromptu raves, satanic rituals, and group snuggle naps. I believe I was on ATV Offroad Fury at the time, Q1 - Q3 champions for our inspiring rendition of Les Miserables seminal overture, "Drink With Me," done in full costume, if the costumes were superhero onsies.

We got bonus points for commitment by singing at full throat for like, hours. Way before the kids showed up and way after they left. I don't think our shanagains influenced the kids one bit, and I don't think any of us wanted it to. It was just something to do I guess. Such is life.

What was I talking about? Oh, Middle Earth: Something or other. Did you play the first one? Ok, then you already know what it is.

I hope information gets that visa situation sorted. Lot more stamps to be had. Also JERBZ.

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