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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Issue : People : Brouhaha

The Steam Summer Sale is a game about population.

A long time ago my dad owned a bar. I don't remember much. The story of my life. I remember it was downtown, it had an Irish name, had a colorful clientele. It was the place that taught me that one thing all old people have in common is they drink a lot. I don't know.

Pop never let me hang out much but my friends and I would get to bus tables or do this or that during the summer. We had nothing better going on and figured a couple extra bucks for games never hurt.

He had one hard and fast rule, don't get caught up in the patron's stories. I still wonder what he was thinking with that one. The stories were the best part of the job. One thing I know for sure thanks to that place is when old people drink they love to tell stories.

That's what he did most of the day, listened to them. I remember my dad's calm while listening to the wildest tales. Didn't matter who. Aldermen, cops, bikers, and preachers all had the same basic yarn. This happened, then this happened, then this happened, now I'm here. No matter what the story, what was involved, or who was telling it, I remember my dad treated every tale with the same attention and interest. Quite the soft skill.

I can't remember a fight that happened there. Everyone felt so at home. Well, the police station was right up the block, but still a very rare occurrence. I only hung out there a couple of years. I got really into skateboarding and figured that was going to pay my bills forever. Such is life.

What the hell am I telling this story for, I totally forgot? And also it's a sad day when you want to re-buy things you already purchased that you haven't even played yet on the Steam sale and they won't take your money?! Fascists. Also yes information I can verify it is indeed a thing but everything is fine and also JOBS.

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