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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Issue : Games : Financier

Far Cry Primal is a game about Cavemen.

Donald Trump may go down in history as the dankest meme. Hearing people go on about his shenanigans is like when your buddy talks your ear off about some person in their life and you can't tell if they are enamored or appalled, but you know both are in there.

I think everyone's mad because his challenge to the presidency robs them the luxury of apathy. It's tempting to ask if they voted in their local elections, if they helped out at homeless shelters, if they had they sat in on their kids school board meeting, had they worked for the government or been in the military.

Not that's these are necessary to have an opinion, there are plenty of reasons it's bad to have a money demon in the oval office. It's just, if they don't do any of these things then I wonder why they even care who the president is.

I mean, for people not involved in civil matters life wouldn't change, and if it did, a no to those questions establish they probably wouldn't do anything about it. So what's all the jabber for?

People love to pop off about the Idiocracy we are headed for and point to Trump as captain Ahab. Yeah, he's fucked up, and if he wins he is gonna try and rob the ship, and then sink it. But at least Trump is honest about it in that way dishonest people can be honest. Which is dishonesty.

At some point we have to ask who all these people are that are eating his shit, what makes them so scared, and why this all seems darkly prescient. And then ask who we "Enlightened Americans" are, because we all knew this place had problems, but it came to this absurd place for us to finally see how truly far down the rabbit hole we are and to understand we need to band together to change it. I think the true road to Idiocracy is walked by good men who do nothing about problems right in front of them.

Anyway, Far Cry Primal is just another Far Cry game but for Saber-tooth pelts to grind and no guns. Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just is. I'd recommend holding out for the steam sale in summer.

I hope information had a great GDC. The HQ party was lit, thanks for showing up and showing out. If we missed each other I'll catch you at E3. Also, rest in peace Heathcliff Hatcher. I will not pretend like we were friends, you were an obnoxious prick.

You walked into a room and pushed every single person in that room one way or another. I consider myself one of the lucky ones you pushed toward a better version of themselves. You gave me no choice but to use my voice, if only to challenge yours. And you gave a difficult young man a chance when no one else was willing to. You were real deal video games, and will always have a place of respect in my heart. Sleep well.

Listen, a college savings fund has been started for Heaths kid, if you have coins to drop please make that move. Also Jobs.

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