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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Issue : Games : Limpidity

No Man's Sky is a game about verity.

Should everything seek to entertain in the manner we are accustomed to?

It's established that for the most part the universe is made of the same elements. So how much variation can there be from world to world?

We want to believe that there are entities out there that have answers for us. And maybe there are. But in between here and them there are gonna be a bunch of fart neck giraffes with wings on planets made of sulfur pudding. It's just gotta be.

Should a race become powerful enough to cover most planets in a solar system are they gonna be able to establish a culture on every planet? Wouldn't it be smarter to place a couple necessary things and repeat those things as checkpoints toward civilization? 

The I-80 runs from The Bay to Jersey. Not much on that road cept gas stations and tourist traps. Not sure if Jersey counts as civilization.

And how boring would life be for a sentient traveler? Wandering about, busting ass to survive in a universe that couldn't give a fuck less if you live or die.

If I was born in the time of space travel and heeded the call of adventure I wouldn't be getting into space battles or be the fated prince of Zontar traveling with a princess with amnesia and a cheeky robot with a soul. 

Life wouldn't be that different than that of a present day field archeologist, their life isn't that different than that of a bronze age sailor, and that guy's life wasn't that different than the dawn age pre-agrarian. 

Adventure is a sad and lonely life. TV lies.

No Man's Sky brought me crashing back to earth and I don't like it for that, but I respect it for telling the truth. It offers a glimpse into the butt ass life of some schmuck in space, and may be too deep a look into the mirror for most. 

No one want's to play honesty because honesty is an experience, not a game. And when it comes to entertainment, honesty gets you nowhere.

Anyway, I hope information isn't taking the politics of business to heart. It's another game not designed to entertain. We make the sausage, the kids get the smiles. Not the sausage. What a terrible metaphor.

Also yes Shiro I do in fact hate my cats, but love them in equal measure. They are fine and always will be as long as I draw breath. If they trip and fall off a building, well it must be part of Cthulu's plan. Also Jobs

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