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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Issue : Games : Hue

Chroma Squad is a game about reminiscence.

It's also a game about being hard. I swear I don't remember a Power Rangers level that hard to play. And who knew cardboard cutout swords could be so expensive! Every damn move is expensive, and the level design/ block work are Swiss perversion. It's a really good game.

Just kidding, I'm really playing Overwatch. I don't get it, did they sprinkle crack on this game or something? The hell is going on? It's like I broke up with Steam. I pop on there to play something now and people are asking about TF2 (miss you baby) or SF5 runbacks or Doom multi like its 5/23. I have to tell them I've been hanging out in playing this shooter, and you know what? Feels good.

It's like I betrayed the dojo or something.  I can't believe people still believe a game this popular can not be this good. It It's the kind of game you can sit anyone down in front of, I mean anyone, and they will get what is going on, they will have fun and feel like they saw a fleeting glimpse of what you see in games. It brings people to the hearth, It's that kind of good.

I think Blizzy-B did two things well. They ripped off the best parts of other shooters, and they put it in a world I care about. I actually like the characters, and the stories, and the world. Or what they will be, because Blizzard has crafted a growing tapestry to be admired. To look at the Diablo in HoTS, or Hearthstone in WoW, it's all one big narrative Blizzard is bringing together. It's never been done at this level and they are really making it happen. This is crazy to see.

So yeah, I'm playing Overwatch and couldn't be having more fun. I still have my feelings about Lucio, but we gonna leave that where it is. Having said that the Warcraft Movie is out of control. Why would this happen? I don't understand why this would happen? Man, no. I don't understand why this would happen? Why would a movie that had all this time to be made be made into that movie? Promises were made, assurances were given...It's just... I dunno. Maybe it's just me, I dunno. Gul'dan was alright, that was cool. I'm running out of Steam. That statement ties everything together.

I hope information enjoyed those store opening lines. That other company had a store opening too? Wow, cool! Sorry I couldn't make the gala, I was watching my brother walk. Not that walk, the good one. Congrats KD, well done. Also JERBZ.

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