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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Issue : Games : Surety

Steam is a platform about trust.

Steam lost trust a few days back. DoS, pretty brutal, pretty focused, happened at the worst time for the lick, best time for the vic. It's tough to be top dog, especially when everyone in the net wants to take a chunk of flesh just cause the boss is big.

When it happened the industry went into wild whisper mode, with the consensus being, "It finally happened." The unmistakable shatter moment where the Utopian idea that one ship holding all of the things is a fail proof idea. Waking up to see you wearing someone else's body will snap you right out of that garden. What did they say it was? Config? Cache? Ok, cool.

Find a hole, skript kiddies. And if GabeN invites you for a job interview... Pass.

Anyway, so yeah Valve had a very interesting year. I respect them, I love them. They are my people and I hope they know that. I talk shit here and there, but I hope they know that it's not because of any other reason except I fall somewhere on the spectrum and I simply can't be any other way than I am. I'm usually a passenger on these trips.

Hey... Old Man... yeah you. Bald guy, glasses, acerbic wit, waning faith. Not you Johnny, the other guy. All if feel for Valve applies to you and yours as well. Sure, the coordination complex is a bit caustic, but that's how you get the the core.

There is a seven year old kid out there that has never seen a video game manual. They have never seen a boxed game title. Digital delivery is all they know. Think about that information. Time to start my New Years Eve Tradition. See you next year folks, lets make the next one the best one. Also JERBZ,

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