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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Issue : Games : Brain Age

Satoru Iwata made video games for a company named Nintendo of America. You might not know the guys name off the top of your head but trust me, if you have ever touched a Nintendo controller the guy made some stuff you have played.

He was also a video game business man. He probably created some systems you have played on as well. And as reports go, he was one of the warmest, funniest, and most patient businessmen to be found in the land of the rising sun. A place where this video game stuff can be very, very serious business.

Actually, there is nothing to say about him that hasn't been said better elsewhere. Nope, not even that. The man's life speaks for itself. Sleep well Mr. Iwata, and thanks.

Well, that's that then I guess... Ok, then I hope information oh wait there was something else I wanted to talk about last post and didn't get a chance to. It was something about business cards and returning calls if someone gives you a business card.Something about that being the most important thing to do post event because it solidifies a relationship with your peers and your reputation in business hinges on how promptly and effectively you communicate.

Not that I follow my own advice or anything. I'm terrible. Or something like that. I don't know, I just at a cookie. I shouldn't even be up.

Oh also congrats to Mega Ran for blowing up, hardest working guy in the Protoculture. Also sorry if I missed you at Comic-con, or if you were in cos, say something, cause, you are in a costume. Get ya puns up. I don't know. Oh also congrats to the supreme court for finally making a good decision. Now everybody gets to be miserable. Oh also JERBZ.

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