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Friday, October 17, 2014

Issue : Games : Betrayal of the dragon

In Double Dragon brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee fight a gang called the Black Warriors in order to rescue Marion. If playing the game Co-op, after beating the final boss you are forced into single combat with your brother over the affections of said female.

No game had ever put me in the position, I was eight years old and had no concept of how to respond when shit gets real.

While processing this new information player 2 beat me to death with a pipe.

In the beginning of the game Marion got punched in the stomach and dragged away. We were two guys out there who saw this happen, and decided to do something about it instead of letting it slide. Were we not there to save a friend? Wouldn’t we have done the same for anyone? Couldn’t we go somewhere and talk this out?

After he went home I sat on the porch until nightfall, thinking about what happened. He was my boy, road dog,  mi hermano. We had fought together. So many Abobo’s, so many team up attacks.

The next day at baseball practice I would be fielding grounders and the scene would flash in my mind of Jimmy in his matching red leather pants vest, no undershirt; beating me senseless while Marian stood in the periphery clutching her pearls, awakened by the violence.

That night I sat indian style in the laundry room staring at the dryer, surrounded by the spent casings of Capri suns and Lunchables. I knew Mom would be pissed when she found out I consumed a weeks worth of lunch fixins. Didn’t care. God was a lie and nothing mattered.     

Wart, Pimple, and Zitz didn’t have a friendship, it was an arrangement. April O' Neil was gonna break Raph's heart. If Luigi died, would Mario even show up to the funeral?

I dubbed that event “The Betrayal of the Dragon,” and swore a silent pact of vengeance on the kid. Without getting into litigious details, in later days that kid paid a real world price in blood and fire. He claimed not to remember what the hell I was talking about, but he knew.  

Nevertheless the event distorted my views on relationships and left me a broken, cynical, husk of a man whose deep seeded intimacy issues all share the common point of origin.

Anyway, I’m over it. Time marches as time do, it’s all goodie. I’m chill. Psh… So dumb… Yeah so Double Dragon is a great game and you should check it out. I hope information realizes it’s about games, and everybody should get to play. You know where I stand on the topic, if you have any questions, come see me. Also, JERBZ

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