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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Issue Games : The Intercontinental

Sup. So the last day of The International is happening. There is that. It's a DotA 2 championship tournament with a prize pool of like 10 Million dollars. I like DotA, I don't Ten Million like Dota. The prize pool was crowdsourced, so obviously there are a lot of people that want to give the Dota money. I don't know.

Should I just skip to the jobs? I feel like it's only going to get worse from here. I challenged myself to finish this by the time my Noodles pop and I am on track. I cook my Cup-O-Noodles in the microwave like a goddamn man. Shit don't scare me.

I want to continue talking about Dota but I am scared that my lassitude toward the game will slip out, and I will be  marked a fraud and nobody will like me because I no longer like the thing they like as much as they like it. I'm trying hard to like everything better but it is slow going.

Ok, lets Segway to Divinity: Original Sin because it's actually a good game. Ok, let me get on my reviewer shit for this one, because I really want to go in and make you wet for this software. Ok.. so... Divinity: Original Sin is like Diablo, but better in some ways, and the same in others... If you have nothing better to do, you should play it...Yup, killed it.

I'm so sorry, I feel like I dropped the ball on this one, and all the others. It's just next week the crucible begins again, Day job activation's, Comic-Con, PAX Primme, or Latvia, or wherever the frak they be at now, and the party goes on till question marks. Anybody that just thought, "Fun!" needs to calm the hell down. It's the administration of fun, and if you haven't dealt in the administration of fun, then don't, or do, I don't know.

Thought I was going somewhere with that, huh? Nope, all these paragraphs are dead ends. I'm only writing this to look back at it later and shake my head.

How many paragraphs was that? 5? Can we count it 6? This should be the wrap up part where I shout out information, say some very inner circle thing directed at somebody no one else knows, then I say a last snarky thing, then I write JERBZ in bold letters with a link to the creative heads job board. Ok.

Oh, then sometimes a Mixtape. Only one track, I'll keep adding. Noodles are done, Nice!

The Protoculture Mixtape : v.XX : Issue : People : TraV

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