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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Issue : Games : Infinity@beyond

So Voyager 1 is a 1,592lb space probe that NASA launched in 1977. It's mission is basically to chill out in space, look at stuff, take simple commands from deep space command, and return data. A road trip.

It's been doing well at it's job so far, not that it's job is that hard. Easy work if you can get it. It's sibling, Voyager 2 is out there as well, but it doesn't get as much shine, and wont, as long as Voyager 1 keeps doing cool shit.

The latest cool shit that Voyager 1 did was to be the first human made thing to get to interstellar space. It smebbed past the Heliosphere a year back, which everyone who cares about that type of thing thought was pretty cool, but interstellar space? That shit right there? That's some next level business.

On board Voyager 1 is this gold plated disk containing Earth. Info on what humans have learned so far, pictures of plants and animals, sounds of waves breaking on a shore, a baby crying, friendly greetings, music. That kind of stuff. The scientists did this so anybody out there that finds Voyager 1 knows who we were.

Voyager 1 is expected to die in 2025, when it's generators will no longer be able to support it's instruments. It will only be dead to us though, because we can't talk to it anymore.

Tomorrow, that far tomorrow that comes the day after this one, when the world is full of things that go where Voyager 1 has been, and they take people with them, and far is no longer far, Voyager 1 will still be out there, and it will still be the first to see all the things. See you, space cowboy.

I should probably link this to some fuckin' game, so play Kerbal Space Program. And not because it's topical, it really is a good game. Also, in news not about space, a group Brazilians forgot how to play soccer, which sucks for them. If the Brazilian team is lucky they can catch the next ride off this planet before Sao Paulo gets hold of them.

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