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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Issue : Games : Ribald Canine

Damn bro, they finally got her. They got my boo. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! It was only a matter of time. I should care more, but I don't. She can write her own ticket. She will be fine. Besides, It's bad all over. And by all over, I mean like, allll over, like, happiest place in the world, all over. So what? Better she walked out on her two feet than dragged out by her... oh she was dragged? Oh, ok. Wait no she walked out? Which one is it?

Listen, here is the thing about the end of anything. Each side has a story, each equally bullshit, be it by design or omission. Choose the lie you are most comfortable with, and as Slim Charles says, "Fight on that lie."

I choose to believe she had been stomping around the building at war with every green ass new jack know it all ass executive ass third year writer turned rock-star ass question the boss ass secret meeting having ass "god I wish she wasn't such a goddamn bitch" saying behind her back ass question the direction of a series she created ass "Why don't you just take an observatory role on this project" ass shoot themselves in the foot ass cool kids club ass ma fukas. And it finally caught up with her.

Not a problem with me, cause as I said to Dub not to long ago she will make a fine general in the Indie army, and upon her arrival to the promised land we shall put upon a feast for the ages, and blow the glass pipes and whatever. It will be some shit to see. Then next will be Fumito Ueda (Is he still there?), then Jaffe (oh wait he is already gone), then Jack Tret.. oh yeah wait.

Its looking shaky over there. Don't know what to tell ya folks. But like I said, it's bad all over. These are the badly laid business models of the 90s - 2000's come home to roost. This is what happens when people waste talent and money in equal measure. This is why we are still a child's industry.

And honestly, all cards on the table. She is kind of tough to work for, standards on standards, with an annoying insistence for on time deliverables and integrity. But if they fired people solely on acting like a bitch or an asshole, not many of us would have jobs. and look at what she made. Isn't that the point?

Anyway me and information are gonna start skating again and kill ourselves in the process. Anybody that wants to join us in voiding their health insurance feel free. I vote to call the session, "No kickflips for old men" Also JERBZ.

The Protoculture Mixtape v.181 Issue : People : It's Dawg

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