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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Issue : Games : Diminishing Transistors

Transistor is a game about the internet, or hacking, or like, humans are the internet, or some other weird shit. It's kind of like Watch_Dawgz, or Enter the Matrix, or Quadrilateral Cowboy, or Uplink, or System 15000, or Gunpoint. It's boring like some of those, and fun like others. I don't know. Honestly I just started it up. All I know for sure right now is it's pretty as OG sin, the UI looks binary, the skill tree is ass, the tone and music are amazing, and the narrator gets on my fuckin' nerves. So basically it's Bastion 2, which isn't a bad thing in my book.

I didn't buy it in the Steam Sale. So eat that Steam. I talk about the steam sale every season and how much of a damn money thief it is but at this point I am kind of out of breath for it. I hop on, check the sales, and buy the very few titles they offer I haven't bought already. How long can this business model last? They throw in games and democracy here and there but I don't have time for a scavenger hunt and I could give a shit less about that card system.

there has to be more to life than the diminishing returns of logging onto a platform and seeing the same old shit. They have the new titles, even if they are sketchy Greenlight offerings, for as long as green-light is around. Lord GABEN, hath thou forsaken me?

I guess Transistor is more like Tron, right? Because you might be, like, in the internet. I don't know if you are totally in the internet in the Matrix, but you can be in the internet if there is virtual reality in the Matrix which I am sure there probably could have been. It seems right for the time period. That would be crazy, yeah? VR while in the Matrix. Anyway, long story short the frozen version of California Pizza kitchen kinda does taste like California pizza kitchen so I ate a whole pie now I don't understand anything and regret my life choices and I just bought five things from the Steam sale and I think I already own two of them but this is where I am in life and I have to accept that.

Information is having fun in Niagra Falls and also JERBZ and also I have an extra Transistor code first come first serve.

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