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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Issue : Games : Crucibles

Every artist is a crybaby. That is because the buy in to become an artist is so high, what with the currency being your own self esteem and sanity. It's the same for any comedian, sculptor, musician, etc... The Sword of Damocles dangling from the time you mail off that manuscript, take the stage, grab the mic, or read the review. An easy life at a high price.

I know I am soft as goose feathers when it comes to my stuff, and feel every hit. A few days ago an editor said I write like Steve Urkel after popping a molly. Yeah, ok. A friend said that my stuff was past their "weird shit threshold" but was sure someone out there would enjoy it. A forum comment said, "There is nothing good about this, I do not like the person that made it." The simple cuts are the deepest.

I find it hilarious when people are taken aback to find the creator of a work of art to be indeed sensitive about said art. I wonder how it would go to walk up to an MMA fighter and say, "Hey man congrats on that win against Silva, oh, also you are bee-i-tch that can't fight and I do hope you give me a reason to smack the shit out of you." Everybody feels, it's part of the package, some train themselves to express it, others train themselves to suppress it.

People seem to believe the cure for the sensitivity is success. I'm not too sure about that. It seems to me as if the sword hangs lower the closer you get to the top, but the people that make it there have calloused through uncounted failures. Don Quixote's chasing windmills across a landscape of empty theaters, cold shoulders, rejection letters, and false stops. On a road trip that never truly ends. Only at some point the windmills grow expectations. I'd Imagine after awhile both success and negativity become indicators of progress.

Also, I finally watched the new Jay-Z video that bookends his "Internet Album." I can't do it, I am sorry, I am so sorry. People are out here starving, nation facing real issues, and the top dog of my guild is acting like the Bushman for famous people. I hope information doesn't have to suffer a Mr. West administration. Also, new EQ looks good guys, really. Also JERBZ.

The Protoculture Mixtape v.170 Issue : People : Endure

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