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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Issue : People : Obloquy

It's bad when you click into a Steam sale only to find that you own everything offered, but you still consider buying something again even though you didn't play it the first time? Right? Is that bad? That's bad...

And for everybody hitting me up wondering how I feel about that whole bizarre-o O.J. trial result thing well just stop it. That little kid was let down a year ago. Everything that has happened since then has just been a good ad campaign for hoodies. I get it, this is not the sixties, government spying, financial malpractice, murder. America officially doesn't gives a shit about things anymore. We all saw it coming. 700 other kids with melanin died in one city since that one kid died. Tweet about it.

And also, maybe he was an asshole, just a little jerk-y fucking jerk, and deserved to be shot dead. I mean, that was the winning defense right? "Maybe the little dead kid wasn't that cool?" It's in the neighborhood of a fair argument, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Not fair enough to get a kid murdered in the street, but fair enough to start a dialogue about it.

Most people that read this rag play video games. People that play video games understand more than most that kids are just awful. But nobody talks about it because they are also special little snowflakes going on adventures. An example was recently made out of a LoL kid that had a lot to say about what he was finna do. Scared the shit out of anyone that has typed anything bad into the internet ever.

People sending him all types of salaams, saying "He's just a kid!" The dude was 18 years old, and said something about shooting up a school full of kids and eating their still beating hearts. That's not cool, but it's ban him from the game, internet regulation not cool. Not raped and murdered in prison, not cool. Everyone does it/ I used to do it can't really be an excuse anymore. They aren't shenanigans or hi-jinx, consequences are showing up.

And guess what, maybe they need consequences. The kids are getting fucking feral.

And as long as I'm making friends, sorry, don't have any sunshine for Mr. Jet setting super hacker wildflower Billie Jean ass contractor dude. Maybe it's the salty old squid in me but my respect still goes to Pfc. Manning, sitting in a cell for what he said and did, owning up to it. Doing what you feel is right has consequences. Doing what you know is wrong has consequences. The internet has not changed this. I know I am one of the last people that should have any input, 'specially on this issue, just saying.

Anyway, I bought football manager 2013 because it is the only thing I did not own yet and it turned out to be a soccer business spreadsheet or something. I'm not sure about my life choices. I hope information keeps the Baltic visa, and bundles up. Also why can't a zonal marking system account for my target man in an open wing formation? Bullshit. Also Jerbz.

The Protoculture Mixtape v.167 Issue : People : Capitulate

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