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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Issue : Games : D.I.C.E Rolls

I'm not late this time, well, I am late, but I got lost in a few D.I.C.E speeches, and then in a Las Vegas suburb (Which oddly enough looks a lot like Circus Circus), and forgot I did this for a while. Truth be told, I was entertaining the idea of quitting this silly thing for kids, and going about my physical copy video game life as if none of this metaphysical internet netherworld video game foolishness ever existed. Tossing my one ring into the pit, as it were.

Whatever, I dooz what I dooz and that's the long and short of it. And I fear the Joker they get to do it in my place.

So this one is going to be short, because I have nothing to say. Although there are a bout a million things on the bubble. how about this? Cliffhangers!

- Will I talk about how depressing 2/3'ds of the D.I.C.E speeches were? Or about how one side of the room  begged for innovation while the other side explained how they went bankrupt innovating? Shabooobie!

- Will I talk about that Black Punisher motherfucker running around California shooting cops and getting chased by robots? Like everyone else in the United States is terrified to do? Including myself! Crank Dat!

- Will I talk about the upcoming console wave as if Steam doesn't already exist, and people really, truly, from the bottom of their hearts, give a shit about ancillary system features in a way that would make them not buy the console their god told them to buy anyway? Who gives a shit!

Yeah, A little bitter, more than kind of lazy, and just a sprig of sad. That's a Folgers moment. Also, what the fuck, MS nixe'd XNA? I was developing A Tale Of Two Goddam Cities on that platfor.... hahaha sorry I couldn't even finish that. Alright sexy.

Also, Jerbz.

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