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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Issue : Games : Eastie

It seems like I'm everywhere, but I don't get out much. What I didn't know is that a lot of people think it is a choice I made at one point in my life, like a monk that all the sudden decided to hang out with god and nobody else. Nah, real talk, I have that issue where I can't be outside or in big crowds for too long without losing my shit. Not proud of it, it just is. 

If you have been following my breadcrumbs of past stories you may have noticed that this was not always the case, as a kid I was the absolute opposite. Being inside any enclosed space, or alone, was the pits, to the point I would drive anybody around me so crazy they would kick me out, then, Adventuretime.

I am not sure what happened between then and now, but I have my theories. My main theory being that the older I got, the darker the adventures got, and the experiences and people dripped my enthusiasm for humanity over time to the point where I am no longer exited to see what's around the corner. 

Now I see every person as basically the same with some ID/Ego variance, every home disintegrates over time, what is the point, that sort of thing. Add the fact that if applied properly the internet grants it's user a functionally agile form of omniscience, and grocery stores deliver. Well, that's just a comfy blanket.      

These days a lot of RL people remark, "You look like the type of person that gets out all of the time." I have no idea what the fuck that means, I think it is because I look and dress like some nerd/rapper hybrid that image conflicts his occupation and passions. A fish out of water, off land, in the cloud.

But I've always taken it as a compliment, as in, I am somehow hiding my grab-bag of crippling social anxieties in plain sight. Is it better to be seen as an asshole, or a person that has no idea how to interact with the other people inhabiting the world? I make that dice roll everyday, with a 80% "Asshole" crit rate. 

A buddy and I were talking about the convention season coming up, and how work forces whole industries of the same type of shut ins into an enclosed space full of their worst nightmare, a bunch of people they don't know, dressed as characters from the soul stealing life strangling creations of their mind, that actually want to talk to them. Awesome, right? No, it's fucking terrifying.

Want to know how to tell Marketing/PR/Executive from Programming/Design/QA at these events? The first group are noted for eye contact, smiles, and being able to find them. 

My buddy noticed that a few of my invisible bosses can be honest about this state, And made me promise to call my shit out, so here it is. I am not too cool for school, I am not on some "other" shit. The truth is this waking life scares me, and I am figuring out how to take care of that. Whatever. 

Ok, good yea? so cheesy. Now the news.

If anyone was wondering what the office pics were about. No one that has been paying attention for the last ten years should be surprised by this. Personally, I liked the guy, despite himself. He was the video game Jack Donaghy, without a Liz Lemon for balance and perspective.

He fucked up though. Bad, like, stakeholders meeting, bring out the sacrifice, bad. It is what it is. And, "Resigned?" Yeah, alright buddy.

I guess. Everything is about to go so open source so soon. No wizard, no Emerald City, no guy behind the curtain. So lame.  Hold onto your butts.

It's not special if you give us flowers every day. At some point it becomes theft. Thank you though, Daddy.

Oh shit these n#$%z making card games now! I just... I'll play it but, it seems kind of "below them." That sounds bad, is that bad?

I hope information gets out and enjoys itself a bit in the future, then chokes on it's medium rare steak, then gets a Heimlich from a former UFC champ, then hangs out with said champ and comes to find that UFC fighters are not bad folks, and then some girl falls off a barstool. Too soon? Oh yeah, Jerbz.

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