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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Issue : People : Epic Smokebombs

So Cliffy B is off Epic? Wow, work a few hours of overtime and you end up on some Rip Van Winkle shit. All that time hanging out with Notch must have put ideas into his head. Or all that time at Epic watching the ideas in his head get diluted into things that were not the ideas originally in his head could have been it.

When a marquee player leaves a team there is always going to be the same response. "We are still the core that we were. Do not be alarmed." Which is cool. I don't think Cliff was all of epic, but he certainly wasn't a little bit either. And lets not act as if the man didn't have demands of his own, being the face tends to do that.

Word is he was good to the people in the pit there, so that counts for everything. Those testers swear by him, talking bout he came down there with donuts during crunch and would follow up on his bugs in person, to the point where his face in the bay wasn't met with hushed conversations and downcast eyes. It was all hey! What's ups, and look at Hollywood over here come to slum it! He gon' be aight. They gon' be aight. I wonder what this means for Fortnight though? Good luck guys, and fuck it it's rap day quit crying Derek.

The Protoculture Mixtape v.113 Issue : Games : Dare To Dream

Friday, October 5, 2012

Issue : People : Debate Street

The presidential debates were magical. Like two dudes that had an obligation to show up somewhere and talk about stuff, showing up to talk about stuff. The one guy made it a point to talk about stuff that he knew his party wanted to hear. The other guy made it a point to talk about stuff the public wanted to know about. Apparently there was a winner, so I guess it went well.

The only memorable string of words I walked away remembering was somebody talkin' bout cutting funding for PBS. Really? The station that teaches children their abc's and shows people how Celtic bands are supposed to rock out is the money pit holding our country down? First the space program, now the free antique roadshow hookup. I dunno, doesn't sound right.

Politics is a tough racket, apparently even tougher if you play them vidja gaimez. Poor Colleen Lachowicz is learning that the fast and hard way. I guess it's not cool to be an orc rouge and a political candidate at the same time, because the inter web virtual Johnny Mnemonic verse is really serious business. Wow, sad. Good thing she wasn't a LARPer. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The Protoculture Mixtape issue v.112 Issue : Games : Counterpoint

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Issue : Games : Resi - dissent

Wow, Resident Evil 6 is getting rocked. Can it really be that bad? As in, can it really be that bad compared to the other resident evils? Dub just bought that shit today. Hope he didn't log on to even one site, because they are all saying the same thing. Launching this title will be like having a hot fart launched into your mouth. Good luck on that man, gotta come to your own conclusions sometimes.

Hey, that's cool, its only the first salvo. All types of Halo's and Assassins Creeds and other types of whatnots are on the way to take up time and space and other physics type stuff. But wow, journalists, when in agreement about the quality of a title, go at it with such verve. Especially a game that is an assumed purchase, sitting there with that can't touch this attitude. They really like their jobs that day, the worse the game, the better the review.

Anything else fit to print? Hmm... Oh, the steam Gamemaker stuff is out. Unfortunatley nobody hates that... so... yeah, that is cool if you want to... you know make stuff, check it out. I am sorry it is super hot in here right now and all I want to do is soak my bunions, eat some ice cream, and watch the Expendables 2. I suggest Capcom do the same. Haters man, shake it off.

The Protoculture Mixtape v.111 Issue : People : M - Virus

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