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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Issue : Games : Lights Out

Well shit Reddit is taking a nap so I'm done, the front door is closing and i'm not trying to go back through all these bookmarks to hit the usual suspects. Shits like a catacomb back there. It sucks that the internet has to go down to protest the internet going down.

This whole damn blog is based off a Reddit algorithm spit out through a coffee filter. When I first hit the site I would just troll the front page but after a while I started subbing to areas that kept coming up on top, then I got lost in the option menu and filtered out all the headlines I previously viewed upon refresh. It turned the site into a loose slot machine, I was getting payoffs every five clicks on average.

Then I read this thing where some guy compared blogging to graffiti and I thought, well shit, graffiti is dope! What if a blog was graffiti, or hip hop, because that would be even better. So I broke down hip hop into its 4 elements and came up with a spit balled compliments table:

Rappin = Blog writing

Graffiti = Blog pics+Backgrounds

B-Boy(basically motion) = Youtube

DJ = Human Arrangement (Youtube Selection)

It's a work in progress, and all over the place, but that is only because I am all over the place, it's not the equations fault. I still can't get it to be hip hop by itself though, I have to keep producing hip hop for it otherwise it starts drifting. Fuuu, another failed hypothesis, can't make a perpetual motion blog hip hop machine thingy as far as I have gotten with it, whatevs.

Anyway so yeah i"m tipping for a while, a pause for the cause if you will. Here are some jobs to check while we wait for the next dog balancing on a chain to show up.

Creative Heads 1/17/12

The Protoculture Mixtape V.36 : Issue : Games : Failure

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Issue : Games : Top Tier Battlers

Barack Obama is a black guy from Hawaii. He started out as a community organizer, trying to get people living around him to care about stuff, then he went to Columbia and Harvard to get a law degree, then he was an Illinois Senator, then he ran for president, and now he is president. He wears his cell phone on his belt loop, he talks really slow for a really long time, and has a pretty nice fade-away jumper.

Ron Paul is a white guy from Pittsburgh. He started out checking hand washed milk bottles for spots with his brothers in the basement of his parents house, then he went to Gettysburg and Duke to get biology and medicine degrees, then he was a flight surgeon in the Air force and National guard, then he was in congress, then he ran for president hella times and lost, but now he is giving it another shot.

I ride with Obama, even though he doesn't need or want my support, can't blame him either, as even I see myself as a liability to his campaign. But it is what it is. I mostly ride with him because he is black, I also agree with some of the stuff he say and does, but it comes and goes. I get that he has it bad, first negro to do anything gets it the worst, just ask the first black skydiver, or Rosa Parks.

I also ride with Ron Paul, if only to the corner up the block, even though he doesn't need or expect my support, can't blame him either, as even I am surprised that he is still a candidate. I mostly ride with him because he makes sense. He makes it tough though, I read that manifesto his peoples dropped, yup, same old shit they were talking bout back then, nothing new. Which sucks as now I can't fully trust his words today after hearing the words he allowed then, like a perpetual probation. Jay put it best, "So it's tough bein' Bobby Brown, to be Bobby then, you gotta be Bobby now."

I'm pretty meh over the whole thing though, cause the way I see it caring about who wins the whole shebang is like caring about who Kate Middleton beat out to marry the prince, as if its gonna affect Parliament. Ain't nobody fucking with congress right now, they have the game in a headlock. I get the feeling they are laughing at the black guy the old guy and the weird religion guy battling it out to see who wont get their legislation passed.

Politics these days are a lot like a cipher. A couple dudes spit raw and get love, some hop in, kick knowledge, and get a couple nods, then some are just wack, they jump in out of nowhere, talking over other mc's about ridiculous shit, and can't keep a beat. During their turn everybody looks around and chats among themselves till they done blabberin'.

The Protoculture Mixtape V.32

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