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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Issue : Games : Hitman Absolutley

Anybody Playing Hitman Absolution? Nah, Ok. It's one of those games where the hubbub comes from somewhere but in the back of your mind you know its the dedicated core multiplied by the PR Catherine wheel turning a med to a zed. It's not the sneakiest of sneaky games, it's not the most capable of shooters.  It's not social commentary, it's not documentary, it is just.. fuckin Hitman. But there it is. And people love it.

Metal Gear, yeah I get it, Siphon Filter, sure, but Hitman has never been close to those titles on any levels, not even once. And the funny part is all anyone could talk about pre launch were the Nuns. Nuns with guns. Not even Postal level shock for shocks sake. I should be saying Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino level, but come on. That is disrespectful to somebody.

It's always been one of those games you play over the weekend and forgot you played. Or best case scenario you remember something about it that had nothing to do with gameplay. Something about a nice kill snuffed by bugs, probably a lame joke, maybe some titties. The type of game that keeps game-fly in business.

I have a copy sitting over here on the desk from my time at square. Shit, can I say that? Ah who gives a fuck, a baby's handful of people read this crappy rag. "Scream as loud as you want! Nobody can HEAAAR YOOU!" Anyway, read a fanboys review, It's about as close you are gonna get to an unbiased opinion. And then think of the funny shit I should be saying for this ender-ender, and tell me how much I failed to do so. You try this shit, it's not eazy.

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