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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Issue : Post Launch : Need For Speed : The Run

Need For Speed : The Run is about a guy that needs to speed because he is on the run from an organised crime syndicate, and he also needs to speed because he joined a cross country automobile race from San Francisco to New York in order to negate his debt to a crime syndicate.

But to make his debt go away he has to come in first, so even more so he needs to speed in order to pass all of the other racers that are in front of him, hence the title. "The Run" part of the title isn't bullshitting either, you do get out of the car from time to time and run, if only to another car. I was hoping that portions of the game involved a marathon style mini game, but  no dice.

It's the 18th title in the Need for speed franchise, and created by veteran Need For Speed Developer EA Black Box, also creators of the Skate Series, so most of the game mechanics that got the Need For Speed franchise to the 18th title are still in attendance if only in that EA way that makes them appear a bit more tightly "Produced," in an edgy, midnight club-ish, street racer cliche' type situation.

There are famous people voicing the main characters in Sean Faris and Christina Hendrix, and so far into the test cycle all I can say with absolute certainty is that the game promised fast paced racing and delivers racing at a fast pace, although the need for such a fast pace is debatable, and also this is a video game that people can and would and did probably play.

I also started up a pass in DT for bugs, finished the campaign mode yesterday, and plan on having a post launch report up in the games suite forum after digging into the multi next week. Any brave souls that own or have stolen the game and have some time to help me knock out these multiplayer achievements hit me up on the ... sigh... origin network under J4RMZ as per usual.

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