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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Issue : Games : Wave offs

This week has either been a really bad one or good one for quality assurance, mostly depending on where a person is sitting. Somewhere in Blizzard headquarters I am guessing there is a smug little jerk of a web tester smiling and humming while completing their latest test plan, the echo of "I told you so" reverberating down the halls since the beta shut down.

Every once in a while he/she returns to that red light launch report or cycles through those handful of waived net bugs in the database and plays the mini game of matching them to the specific complaints of customers located in video game website forums and player bug databases. Then later a little Wolfenstien as a chaser.

And on the other side of the world at SpaceX there is probably a former Nasa employee contracted to do an advanced version of the same job backtracking through logs and logs of rocket engine data, then tracking forward again, then back again, over and over, as they are wont to do through ocd, even though they know it's the problem they brought up in the meeting a while back. The major difference being that in the case of this employee many lives were saved by reporting an issue, not to mention the future of privatized space travel.

Nobody outside of the companies will ever see how these particular sausages got packaged and shipped or dated and recalled, but that is how it probably should be. Instead they become office lore and the new fantasy, and the names on the bugs become the new legends talked about in hushed tones around bottom floor Keurig machines and parking lot smoking areas, "I heard [X] wrote that up two months ago and it got nabbed, lolz." Serf nerds run on that type of local immortality, it gives us a way to impress our friends and keeps everybody showing up to work.

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