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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Issue : Games : Dust Downs

Eve is a science fiction game about space politics. We used to play it at work a lot because it was chill about how much bandwidth you had for it at any given moment. You could be running a test plan on the main screen, and skillin' and grillin' or shooting the shit with the peeps on the other, all while bumping tunes. Best part is you could step away for a scrum and come back without having to worry about the corpse walk.

We all chose a role to play, each one as important as the other. some preferred the dogfight's, some the bureaucracy. I fancied the mining and cargo transport. After a while our name rang out as the crew that could get your stuff through the shoot on sight jumps. The only major knock I heard people levy is that while pretty as shit it's not very kiss kiss bang bang, but for the most part this was the game of choice across game houses I worked at now that I think about it, which reflects well on the team that made it, kind of like the band other musicians listen to on their off time.

The crew still plays, and tries to get me back in there from time to time but (and you have to imagine a pick guitar, Cint's voice, and tumbleweed blowing by for full effect)... my space trucking days are long behind me. And I thought that was going to be forever until I heard about this new ground war the Eve crew has on the way. That is a tasty earthworm, and the definition of "We were listening." I can't really picture how the battle will play out in real time, but I'm hoping it will be something like what that old head cubicle dweller submitted to one of those websites that let's the public decide if a developers idea is worth spending their money on.

Dudes that worked under him cosign, citing him as a tough but fair type that listens to and goes to bat for his people, can take a punch, admit the problem no matter what side it fell on, add additional info as necessary, and get back into the scrap without making a big deal about it. All office traits that get rarer and rarer father up the chain of command you go. Also hear he knows his way around a bull pup, always a plus. He's got about three days left on that site to get his money right, sucks though that he couldn't get it funded internally, given his pedigree and tenure.

Don't feel right, like a college professor entering a high school talent show after a colleague of his killed there, putting his re-imagining of Moonlight Sonata up against good intentioned dudes dancing to "Pumps and a Bump." And when decision time comes around the mc hovers his downward facing palm over the professor and he only gets a confused smattering of applause. 

I'm gonna throw some bucks his way on the strength, but I ain't that worried about the old head cause if there is one thing I know for sure about them, they always find a way to get it done, one way or another. Oh and the creative heads jobs are in btw.

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