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Monday, January 23, 2012

Issue : Regression : Small Buisness

Issue Summary:

America is still broke. This state is a result of a complex system of decisions and events occurring over time that add up to bad spending. America has also run out of stuff that only it can do, as other countries have caught up in terms of doing things like agriculture, technology, movies, and everything else.

Issue Resolution Progress:

Americas fix for this problem was to reign in the internet, a plan that appeared to not work out so well, then ended up working perfectly, as after the internet mobilized to stop a couple red herring bills from passing, America went ahead and did what the bills were supposed to allow them to do anyway in order to send a message. The message was, "We are going to do whatever the fuck we want to do anyway."

America shut down a website based in another country and seized it's owners assets, citing theft as the reason it had to be done. This occurrence caused another site in another country to gate Americans from accessing their site, citing better safe than sorry as the reason it had to be done.

When someone is bullied the best defense is usually to just ignore them. In this tactic the bully will curse and push and carry on like a gorilla beating a stick against a tree, puffing themselves up to look threatening, and the user of the tactic will simply turn their back on the aggressor and continue the conversation they were having with the people that want to listen, ignoring all that hoo-ha going on behind them.

The gate screen seen in this post pic is new to Americans but old news to everybody else. They see it on Hulu after a commercial plays, on Youtube, during most Google searches. It will take us a while to get used to being locked out, but after a while we will get used to it, as I imagine it will be happening a lot more in the future.Upon review the issue of america being broke is about as far from being fixed as it can possibly be.

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