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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Issue : Games : Lights Out

Well shit Reddit is taking a nap so I'm done, the front door is closing and i'm not trying to go back through all these bookmarks to hit the usual suspects. Shits like a catacomb back there. It sucks that the internet has to go down to protest the internet going down.

This whole damn blog is based off a Reddit algorithm spit out through a coffee filter. When I first hit the site I would just troll the front page but after a while I started subbing to areas that kept coming up on top, then I got lost in the option menu and filtered out all the headlines I previously viewed upon refresh. It turned the site into a loose slot machine, I was getting payoffs every five clicks on average.

Then I read this thing where some guy compared blogging to graffiti and I thought, well shit, graffiti is dope! What if a blog was graffiti, or hip hop, because that would be even better. So I broke down hip hop into its 4 elements and came up with a spit balled compliments table:

Rappin = Blog writing

Graffiti = Blog pics+Backgrounds

B-Boy(basically motion) = Youtube

DJ = Human Arrangement (Youtube Selection)

It's a work in progress, and all over the place, but that is only because I am all over the place, it's not the equations fault. I still can't get it to be hip hop by itself though, I have to keep producing hip hop for it otherwise it starts drifting. Fuuu, another failed hypothesis, can't make a perpetual motion blog hip hop machine thingy as far as I have gotten with it, whatevs.

Anyway so yeah i"m tipping for a while, a pause for the cause if you will. Here are some jobs to check while we wait for the next dog balancing on a chain to show up.

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