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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Issue : Games : Dead Island

I still feel like Dead Island pulled a fast one on me. That trailer... I know a trailer is practice and we talkin' bout the game, but I saw that little zombie girl as a proclamation that Dead Island would be the video game to step forward and challenge a gaming taboo that is convention everywhere else.

While the event between the guy in the polo shirt and the former little girl went down I honestly began to mentally prepare for the possibility of having to defend myself against a little zombie. I began to stress, as in, I don't think I could, even in a game, so how am I going to get out of there if I can't muster the bravery do what that situation calls for. A trailer had me shook.

So imagine my surprise when I load it up, well, loaded it up on the second launch (wamp wamp, yikes! get your publish game right, and really? Xian's lingering placeholder tags, just say no) and hear "Who'do you voodoo bitch." I thought, "Gaddamit, well, maybe they are just jabbing with the jokes, then they will settle down and discuss the serious side of zombie life. And then I saw the character select and just knew what I was hoping would be discussed will not be brought up here.

Not to say the game wasn't fun, its just that I had finished The Road a bit prior, and had everyone gushing around me about the walking dead. I dunno, either way I was proud to see our sandbox willing to step up and meet them out there in dangertown even if only just the tip.

Eh, such is life. The company that lady from Berkeley runs has a new zombie game coming out. I don't doubt the story will be on point, as they care about nerdy shit like atmosphere, story development, and turning heroes into bad guys, then real people, then heroes, and back again, depending on whatever they have to deal with at the moment. Oh yeah, and here are some jobs out there in the floatsam and jetsam for the grabbage.

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