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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Issue: People: Another Earth

Another Earth is a science fiction movie. In it a high school student causes a car accident while driving drunk after a celebration party for  getting accepted into college, killing every member of a family in the other car with the exception of the father. She gets a four year bid in prison for the accident, and works as a school janitor after she gets out, instead of going to college.

During the time all of this is happening a planet appears in the night sky and slowly begins to move closer to earth. When it gets close enough to see, people realize that the planet looks just like earth. People start buggin, some people believing that the planet is an earth from another dimension, and on the planet there are duplicate versions of everyone, except the people on that version made different choices, which resulted in a slightly different version of them, or dead versions of them. Nobody really agreed on what was going on, but they all agreed it's some scary shit.

The janitor girl never really recovered from the accident, and got it in her mind to apologize to the father. She shows up at his door one day, but when he answers the door she looses heart, and makes up a lie about being the cleaning lady. He fell into the bottle over the accident, and agrees to her offer to clean up, as his house became a trash can.

Meanwhile people have gotten together and started a mission that intends to land a spaceship on the planet. A lottery is enacted to find passengers for the ship, and the janitor girl wins one. She began to worry that the her of that earth would be ashamed of her, and worried if she would even be there.

Scientists recently discovered a planet with conditions matching ours. It's a big blue ball in the sweet spot around a sun. About 290 days in its year, rain, mountains, good parking. Nobody knows if there is life on it or not, although all signs point to something like us living there. It's a lot of solar systems away so science types say don't get all Buck Rogers just yet. But it's hard not to get excited about something like this. I hope they don't have nukes.

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