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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Issue : Games : Danny Chen

Hey so what happened to Danny Chen? They say he was found dead in the guard tower, looked as if he offed himself with his issued piece. Doesn't sound like Danny. I bet it was those fuckers in his company. They were always giving him shit over nothing, chink this and shit bag that. I heard they pulled rack ops on him over that water heater AFI.

Dragged him through the barracks stripped, he was screaming, no one said a thing. Wonder whats going on over there Army side, used to be about different stuff. Used to be anyone you share a foxhole with was made, along with anyone behind that flag. That used to be the oath, to protect people. If what they say is true, the army let the enemy drag a man through their own house in the middle of the night, and no one said a thing. Can't be true, they are better than that.

Not for nothing, but I also heard everyone watched two chicks kiss over at Little Creek. They said PO2 Gaeta hopped off the boat the moment it anchored and made out with her lady, PO3 Snell for homecoming honors. That's awesome, when did the USS Oak Hill get back in?

I still can't figure out what happened to Danny Chen. Been looking around the tubes, no one is saying anything, seems weird. A lot of military types have been committing suicide or getting friendly fired by their fellow soldiers and sailors lately, more have been dying like that than in combat these days, I hear. Danny's parents are asking about him, but they have had about as much luck as I have. Still, doesn't sound like Danny to off himself, something must be going on.

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