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Monday, November 14, 2011

Issue: People: The Holodeck

"True 3d" displays use laser plasma technology to make green pictures float in a box. Quantum Levitation allows college students that are too smart for their own good to take Back to the Future scene recreation to the next level. Smartphones are pretty much tricorders these days, they can tell you where you are, whats around you, and who is with you.

Science fiction told me that advancement would be different. In movies and books all of this stuff was just there, integrated into the everyday life of robot detectives and dystopian governments as if one day the world woke up and decided to innovate at the same time. The only person to really approach the topic is a weird old guy named Ray Kurzweil, he spends most days talking about something called the singularity.

The technological singularity refers to the emergence of robot intelligence by humans playing around with tech. He says that soon there is going to be a sort of Cambrian explosion for technology, where all types of wild shit will be created, and it might be cool or it might screw over the human race, it's hard to say what will happen because the created intelligence will operate beyond the current human minds level of comprehension.

Science people can't stand the dude, they agree that things will be changing, but not all at the same time. They stand on the argument that nobody really gives a piss about tech these days, pointing to the fact that the American space program is no more, and they openly wonder where are all of these geniuses are going to come from, seeing as the average kid cares about Ronnie and Sammi's latest breakup, and not faster than light travel.

I dunno, I think it is happening right now, and for every 10,000 kids that only care about learning how to dougie there is one that only cares about learning how to extrapolate empirical data from moon rocks. Which is fine, because one day the kid that learned how to dougie and the kid that learned how to do science will find a reason to combine their love of adventure and knowledge, and get everybody to the next step. Because that is how we have gotten so far in the first place, smart guy builds it, brave guy pilots it.

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